Andrea Massi the boss

The person responsible for the big success of Tina Maze is for sure her coach. The name of the man will not remain a mystery and the name is Andrea Massi. About this man there is no history or facts we can use. This man deserves all the words of thanks for bringing the young racer Tina Maze to the number one on the list of the most successful ski racers on the world.

Someone to relay on…

These days there are stories about possible wedding and the ring it would be found on Tina’s hand. For this couple there is no time to lose on love when the winter comes, summer is their favorite time of the year because then they are free to go where they want and when they want. It isn’t a small thing to be a coach for such a star in the world of sport.

It brings everything, there is never enough time for them to talk, is that love or is that business, they are having hard time answering that question. Andrea Massi is an Italian, who lived in the small town on the Slovenian-Italian border. When you live in that kind of space, where the snow is all the time present you must learn how to treat him and beat him. One of the ways is to be a coach for the activities that include snow and cold weather.



New style is introduced with this man

That is how these two law birds get to know each other. All that would happen later is the pure history of two people living together in the unlawful community. Andrea Massi is maybe the most important weapon that Tina Maze has. There were a lot of negative about the last world championship when Lindsey Vonn fall from the race and in the same time gave first place to Tina Maze. People were full of support but the race has to been finished. Fortunately Lindsey Vonn was fine after the operation on her knee, so there won’t be any serious mess in the ski discipline where she competes.


One and only….

It is known that the whole team has a special place in the heart of Tina Maze and the team’s slogan is “Team to aMaze”. When you are in the world of sport you have to know that some sacrifice must be made always when it is needed. That sacrifice can be in the shape of small free time, hard work, health issues and many other situations. Andrea Massi gave his best in the work and show of Tina Maze. We must be proud that Tina has someone like Andrea Massi. Watch them in the some of the future races.