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She is a Slovenian super star. She is a winner who is born for the thing she do and her results are awesome. She is one of only six women in the world that won all five World cup events. If you think you don’t know enough about her my advice is to visit Tina Maze blog at

Tina Maze

My way is my decision

Prepare to find everything you want to know about her

In the Tina Maze blog you can find out everything about her, from the details which consider her datum of born to the first steps in the sport. Also, you can find out more about the place where she was born and the place where she lives now. She often talks about her first steps in this sport art, and believe me she was in the sport from the third year.

Tina Maze Andrea Massi relationship

Sometimes it is hard to separate the personal from the professional, and just then some interesting things happen, to some eye it could be strange but then you have to imagine the world she is living and it will all be clear to you. The journalist all over the world can’t resolve the secret that bounds Tina Maze and Andrea Massi.

Something romantic  in her world?

These two make a lovely couple but is that something they are or people only like to think so discover in this short text about Tina Maze Andrea Massi. Life is unpredictable. You don’t know where you will be tomorrow, what will be your fate if you don’t play it always with your open heart. That is the story of Tina Maze & Andrea Massi, these two love birds are hiding their relationship from the start. But today there is no person on the world who will buy this story.

They two meet when he started to work for her team called “Team to aMaze”. Probably they cooperated without emotions on the begging but later love happened. Tina Maze Andrea Massi now can say that their relationship is more than it was on the very start. Maybe because of the years they spend together, maybe because they are too important to each other but today you can hear rumors about her possible marriage with Andrea Massi.

New love or?

Ski world cup 2013 and more

Ski world cup 2013 is one of the most important contests for many of the contestant from all over the globe. In the women category it is a very high question of the prestige you get after winning something as important as this. The main competitors are Tina Maze and Lindsey Vonn.

Tina Maze collector set

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The long waited Austria contest, the Ski world cup 2013!

That is the fact whole Earth knows. What happens on the race track stays on the race track because we are talking about two big sport stars which are capable for envy and hate. This Ski world cup 2013 for women ended with her taking the first spot and her competitor Lindsey Vonn had terrible accident on the snow, falling down when they were really